How To

Application is Easy!

DecalDoggy Vinyl Decal Stickers


Step 1: Peel the design from the backing sheet

Step 2: Place design onto desired surface

Step 3: Using moderate pressure smooth out the surface of the design with the provided application tool

Step 4: Peel the tape from the applied surface to reveal your design


If any part of the design doesn’t release from the backing sheet simply replace the tape to its original position and gently apply pressure to the design to help it stick before trying to peel it again.

Decals transfer best onto flat surfaces that are clean and dry. Make sure your design is in the proper position before applying it to the surface. Once the design is stuck it cannot be repositioned.

Be sure to smooth the design in one direction only to help prevent air bubbles. Pay special attention to the edges of the design as well as any intricate areas.

Peel the tape slowly in a rocking motion for best results. If any parts of the design don’t transfer to the surface while peeling lay the tape back to its original position and repeat Step 3 on the affected area.